About damedetectives

Inspiring Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Science

Annually a group of Notre Dame High School students bring investigative science to the world. Designed and moderated by Dr. G. Ayyavoo, this is a site where a group of high school students post science research, events and topics in the school. As students from an all-girls’ high school dedicated to share student-designed science research, the learners discover many scientific, technological, environmental, social and health issues, especially on women’s health-related matters. These relevant scientific ideas are generated from students’ own interest with support from their teacher-mentor. As keen science students, they design and conduct investigations that enable them to feel like a real scientist in high school. Their investigations become the focus of science teachers’ who motivate them by inspiring higher order thinking skills through SIPs.

What is SIP?

Scientific Investigative Project (SIP) is designed to inspire and facilitate science learning using inquiry-based strategies. Scientific Investigative strategies incorporate the methods of nature of science (NOS) to learn about world events. According to Dr. Ayyavoo, SIP indulges in a systematic approach to develop new knowledge and solve student relevant problems. This inquiry opportunity is to enable students to gather, analyze and interpret data to develop new ideas and solutions. SIP students enhance their cognitive skills as they argue, debate and connect with relevant world issues in the form of Science-Technology-Society-Environment (STSE) based issues and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education.

Founder and Moderator: Dr. Gabriel Ayyavoo

Contact: Gabriel.ayyavoo@gmail.com

SIP – Abstract Selection

 ‘DameDetectives employs two tiered review system for all grade 9 to 12 investigative studies with the following abstract requirement. The one page SIP abstract needs a title, introduction, causal question(s) with reasoned hypothesis which also delivers a prediction. The method of investigation can be presented in different forms including the use of flow charts or any other brief descriptions. The SIP findings and its application is discussed. Photos, pictures, diagrams and graphs are encouraged with attractive presentation of the SIP abstract paper in colour. The final requirement is to provide a one sentence “Words of Wisdom’ for future girls inspired to be Detectives.

SIP Review Process

The first review is an overall submission to Dr. G. Ayyavoo, teacher-Moderator, who commences the student committee to review the suitability for publication. If the SIP abstracts are selected, the second review process is conducted on each selected article for both scientific and grammatical correctness. Each selected paper is read and discussed through the student committee. The student committee is composed of web directors, scientific and writing reviewers from various grades with at least one member from the senior science grade. This student committee advises the teacher moderator for further review and revisions (if needed) by authors. The student authors then receive their abstracts to modify any necessary revisions. The final corrected version of the final abstract is then published on the DameDetectives online site.

Doing Real Science that Matters

Doing Real Science that Matters

11 comments on “About damedetectives

  1. This is a great website! Love science!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow you guys did a GREAT job with this website!


  4. It is nice to see girls so interested in Science! I especially like the videos produced by the students. Great resources that can be used by both teachers and students!

  5. Hey! When’s the next Science Fair? can I come by??

  6. This website really has all of the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who
    to ask.

  7. fantastic site

  8. Hey Dame girls! Just wanted to say that as a first year uni student SIP honestly helped me so much with the research/lab report writing. Especially compared to other student who have never written a formal lab or conducted their own research projects. I did really well on an assignment that a lot of people in my program bombed and my prof asked me where I learned how to write like that and honestly it was all because of my SIP experience. My professors were really intrigued by the project, and they asked me to explain to them what it was and how it work. It really gives you an advantage over other students in the sense that you already have research experience. So I know that it’s hard and stressful to do… but what you put into it is DEFINITELY what you will get out of it. Keep working hard and doing amazing things. Feel free to Facebook/text me if you have any questions. I would be glad to help.

  9. I agree with Rhea, SIP help a lot – not only do they give you the skills that you need, but they also open up many opportunities for you! You go out and show your work, and well people like it and are intrigued by it and would like to see more! Go all out with your SIP, don’t limit yourself AT ALL! You never know what doors your project can open for yourself! All the hard work and time spent is worth it when you see the outcomes!! If the thought crosses your mind, then there is a way to do it – you just have to try!! 🙂

  10. Hey guys, I am going into grade twelve at Dame. It’s been an honour to have Dr. Ayyavoo as a teacher in his final year here and SIP’s have impacted my scientific knowledge, work ethic and passion for science positively. Over the course of grade 11 and my previous years at Dame, I have never had such an inspirational influence to push me to reach my goals. SIP’s allowed me to understand formal reports and how to create my own. The organizational and investigative skills I gained as I completed two SIP’s at once was unbelievable and I transferred those skills into labs and other experiential studies. The Toronto Science Fair as well as our own mini Notre Dame Science Fair allowed us to showcase our works and speak to professionals about our research. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’ve learned more than I could imagine. Thank you, and I will most definitely carry these skills with me into the future.

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